Italy’s ‘Cultural Allowance’ For Teenagers Aims To coach, Counter Extremism

Enlarge this imageItalian Key Minister Matteo Renzi speaks in a meeting titled “Italy, Europe, An answer to Terror,” held for the Capitolini Museum in Rome final November. Renzi’s govt is offering all Italian 18-year-olds five hundred euros to spend on cultural occasions. The objective would be to teach and to a sistance a increasing variety of youthful immigrants a similate.Gregorio Borgia/APhide captiontoggle captionGregorio Borgia/APItalian Key Minister Matteo Renzi speaks in a meeting titled “Italy, Europe, A solution to Terror,” held for the Capitolini Museum in Rome previous November. Renzi’s authorities is supplying all Italian 18-year-olds five hundred euros to invest on cultural functions. The objective is usually to teach also to aid a growing quantity of youthful immigrants a similate.Gregorio Borgia/APFew matters inspire additional loathing from the hearts of high school students compared to words and phrases “extra homework.” But as Florence Mattei palms out a pamphlet to her homeroom course within the Southlands College in Rome, she tells them they could desire to give this a signment an opportunity. “Who want to read through what it can be about?” she asks the space brimming with 18-year-olds. A senior named Ale sio translates from Italian into English: “For the people today born in 1998 there is a 500-euro bonus you could spend on cultural factors, for instance going to the cinema, visiting museums which variety of things.” He stares with the webpage in disbelief. But it’s legitimate. Starting off this thirty day period, Italy is supplying its 18-year-old people the equal of $563 to invest on culture, from concert tickets, publications LaMarcus Aldridge Jersey and museum admi sion to other qualifying occasions. To get the cash, they should sign up on the internet and down load an app. “Do we would like to try?” suggests the instructor. “Yeah? So get the phone.” Youth unemployment in Italy is sort of forty p.c within a place that’s been having difficulties economically for many years. So the absolutely free income is often a welcome surprise for teenagers like Daniele Montagna, who appreciates in which he is going to invest his first.”On the live performance of JB Justin Bieber!” he rejoices. And he can. This system isn’t going to distinguish between popular culture and highbrow lifestyle.Parallels’Tough Guy’ Farmers Rise up To George Gervin Jersey Italian Mafia And Earn Combating extremism The Italian government is hoping the program will educate youngsters born in Italy along with combine a increasing inhabitants of overseas citizens, di suading alienated youths from adhering to radical Islam. Key Minister Matteo Renzi initially declared the so-called Society Reward last November after the Paris ma sacre, when Islamist terrorists killed 130 people today inside a theater and outside around the streets. “They damage statues, we safeguard them,” he claimed inside a speech on the time. “They melt away books, we’re the state of libraries; they envision terror, we answer with tradition.” But some question regardle s of whether exposing young Muslims to, say, Woman Gaga will actually endear them to Western tradition. “There is a po sibility that Girl Gaga is exactly what’s likely to help make any individual angry,” suggests Barak Mendelsohn, a senior fellow within the Foreign Plan Analysis Institute in Philadelphia and an expert in combating extremism. “That would not imply which they get into your values. We’ve seen radicals attempting to choose benefit of the welfare state, funding by themselves when making bombs.” He factors to your Paris attackers. French authorities estimate they collected more than fifty,000 euros in unemployment gains even even though a minimum of among them had a career. “They do not have any ideological impediment in using dollars from Western international locations,” Mendelsohn adds.ParallelsLetter From Rome: The hardest Test Will be the Driving Examination Italy’s fears Whilst Italy has up to now avoided the recent spate of terrorism in Europe, the Colo seum together with other Roman monuments determine prominently in ISIS propaganda videos. That has place Italian authorities on significant notify, as migrants and refugees arrive from the tens of 1000’s just about every 12 months. This earlier spring, Italian authorities arrested four folks suspected of plotting to bomb the Vatican below orders from Islamic State. “We should not wait around for a saults and intervene afterward,” suggests Stefano Dambruoso, a member on the Italian Parliament. “The Western world is certain to host much more and a lot more persons thanks to ma s immigration. We’re not funding the Culture Bonus due to the fact we’re these types of a good country. It truly is simply inside our ideal interest to combine persons.” He refers to people like Ha san Mehdi, a migrant from Bangladesh, who sells cellular phone chargers at Porta Portese, Rome’s bustling out of doors flea industry. Mehdi says he is a resident and was born in 1998, making him eligible for that five hundred euros. “It’s a fantastic thought. I could buy guides, increase my Italian, probably get a better career,” he suggests, as purchasers shuffle as a result of bins of plugs and USB adapters. “This will be the very first I have heard of it,” he states, in very similar disbelief to his Italian peers at college. “Where do I indication up?”

Jury Awards $4.7 Billion To Women of all ages In Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Suit

Enlarge this imageAccording to MarketWatch, Johnson & Johnson “has been fighting more than 9,000 talcum-powder lawsuits with mixed succe s. It says its signature powder has always been safe and asbestos-free.”Jeff Chiu/APhide captiontoggle captionJeff Chiu/APAccording to MarketWatch, Johnson & Johnson “has been fighting more than 9,000 talcum-powder lawsuits with mixed succe s. It says its signature powder has always been safe and asbestos-free.”Jeff Chiu/APJohnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay nearly $4.7 billion in damages to 22 ladies and their families who say asbestos found in the company ‘s talcum powder contributed to their ovarian cancer. The St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded $4.14 billion in punitive damages and $550 million in compensatory damages to the plaintiffs, who said the company failed to warn about the cancer risks. According to MarketWatch, the punitive damages award was “the biggest single verdict in such cases so far.” In a statement on Thursday, Johnson & Johnson said it was “deeply disappointed” by the verdict and would appeal the decision. “Johnson & Johnson remains confident that its products do not contain asbestos and do not cause ovarian cancer and intends to pursue all available appellate remedies,” spokeswoman Carol Goodrich said. “Every verdict against Johnson & Johnson in this court that has gone through the appeals proce s has been reversed and the multiple errors present in this trial were worse than those in the prior trials which have been reversed,” she said. Shots – Health News Does Baby Powder Cause Cancer? A Jury Says Yes. Scientists Aren’t So Sure According to MarketWatch, “Punitive damages, especially those many times higher than the compensatory damages, are often reduced by the trial judge or reversed on appeal. The company has been fighting more than 9,000 talcum-powder lawsuits with mixed succe s. It says its signature powder has always been safe and asbestos-free.” The New York Times adds, “The company has said concerns about talc’s being linked to cancer are based on inconclusive research. … And according to the National Cancer Institute, claims that talc Jason Castro Jersey used for feminine hygiene purposes can be absorbed by the reproductive system and cause inflammation Phil Hughes Jersey in the ovaries are not supported by ‘the weight of evidence.’ ” Last year, a judge threw out a similar case against Johnson & Johnson involving a $417 million jury award. At the time, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Maren Nelson granted the company a new trial, saying there were errors and jury misconduct in the original trial. A lawyer for the plaintiffs, Mark Lanier, told the Times that six of the women had died and that the remaining 16, along with friends and relatives, were in the courtroom for the verdict. “We hope this verdict will get the attention of the J&J board and that it will lead them to better inform the medical community and the public about the connection between asbestos, talc, and ovarian cancer,” Lanier said, according to AP. Reuters writes, “The majority of the lawsuits that J&J faces involve claims that talc itself caused ovarian cancer, but a smaller number of cases allege that contaminated talc caused mesothelioma, a ti sue cancer closely linked to asbestos exposure.”

The eccentric Yogi Berra was an American institution

Word was out this summer in my hometown of Montclair, N.J., that Yogi Berra was not at all in good shape, which was something of a municipal crisis.Yogi was a local institution, a sporting hero and bard emeritus. He has his own museum and learning center here, where he would occasionally hold court. I watched the Fourth of July fireworks with him and his remarkable wife, Carmen, three summers ago through the back windows of that museum. When Carmen died last year, we figured it was only a matter of time. The two had been inseparable, an entwined model of love and generosity.Yogi was public domain in Montclair, maybe in America. And if you thought you knew him, well, you probably did. He was one of those rare celebrities whose private personality matched the civic persona. He was kind, quiet, eccentric. He laughed at himself, the greatest gift of all. Baseball always came naturally to Yogi, yet he also understood there were parts of that game he would never control. He could win 10 World Series rings and three MVPs as a player, but he could never convince George Steinbrenner that he was the right manager for the job.MORE YOGI: Great images | His most famous saying I covered Yogi when he was managing the Yankees back in 1984, and saw firsthand how he somehow operated with relative Tony Oliva Jersey calm in the most insane position imaginable. The Yankees were a good team then, not great, actually a lot like they are this season. The blustery figure of Steinbrenner was forever breathing down his neck, a relationship that would blow up entirely the next spring. Yogi must have been boiling inside at the interference. But the same nonsense that destroyed Billy Martin only made Yogi more resolute. He wasn’t happy. The Paul Molitor Jersey sportswriters could see that much. He grew quieter and quieter. When he was dismi sed the next season after 16 games, he cut off Steinbrenner in a fashion that surprised all of us. We suddenly realized just how much he had been tormented in this role, the slave of a relative madman.After he was summarily fired, his 14-year boycott of the Yankees became an act of sheer will and important proof that Yogi was more than a mascot. He regained his connection to the Yankees when Steinbrenner finally apologized, came to the museum bearing gifts.Hello, Yogi, Steinbrenner finally said, on that day in January 1999.You’re 10 minutes late, Yogi replied.I don’t think Yogi really cared much about his relationship with Steinbrenner, even after the reconciliation. What he cared about was that he could now again visit Yankee Stadium, walk through the clubhouse, chat with Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada. His enthusiasm for the Yankees was reignited. He came often to the Bronx. He was back in his element, talking baseball.His final years, before Carmen died, were wonderful times for him. He had the Yankees again. He was with family and friends. He lent his name to just causes, to civil rights and LGBT campaigns. His museum and learning center was a social gathering place, and if you met him there he would always tell you what he thought about the Yankees’ chances. They need starting pitching, he told me, frankly, the last time we spoke. And of course, he was right.Physical problems got the best of him recently, and there was a sense that we were all running out of time with this legend. A campaign began to get Yogi the Congre sional Medal of Freedom, for his participation with the Navy in the Normandy Invasion and for everything he meant to this country. By June, there were the nece sary 100,000 signatures on the petition needed to nominate him. It would have been nice to get that medal to him during his lifetime. It would still be nice for the family. In this matter, President Obama has come to a fork in the road and should take it.I heard one of those Yogi-isms firsthand. It was down in spring training in 1983, in Fort Lauderdale. Billy Martin was managing. Mickey Mantle and Yogi were down there as coaches, and Mantle asked Yogi if he wanted to go to with them to watch a couple of old Steve McQueen movies at the local theater. Yogi asked Mantle which ones were playing.I know one is ‘Bullitt,’ Mantle said.I never heard of it, Yogi said. He must have made that one before he died.We always knew what Yogi meant, even when it made no sense whatsoever.Filip Bondy was a sports columnist for the New York Daily News for more than 20 years. His latest book, available on Amazon, is “The Pine Tar Game: The Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees, and Baseball’s Most Absurd and Entertaining Controversy.”

Colazo del Lobo


Nicolás Colazo arregló condiciones con Gimnasia, firmó su contrato y en la misma noche de este miércoles estará junto a sus nuevos compañeros en la pretemporada que el plantel dirigido por Mariano Soso está llevando a cabo en Los Cardales.

De esta manera, el volante que pasó por All Boys, Boca y recientemente por el fútbol australiano se convierte en el primer refuerzo del Lobo para la temporada oficial que se iniciará en agosto.

“Estoy muy entusiasmado con esta posibilidad en Gimnasia y muy agradecido por el interés que mostraron en contar conmigo tanto la dirigencia como el cuerpo técnico. Hablé con Mariano Soso y es gratificante que un entrenador te tenga en consideración como lo hizo él conmigo”, expresó a su salida de la Sede Social de calle 4.

Por otra parte, manifestó su entusiasmo con la posibilidad de Gimnasia: “Sé que llego a un club grande, con una rica historia y con hinchas muy seguidores que es una de las cosas que se resalta en el fútbol argentino. Ojalá pueda estar a la altura de lo que se me pida”.

Colazo llega de Boca, que todavía es dueño de su pase, a préstamo, sin cargo y con opción de compra por el 100 por ciento del pase a favor de Gimnasia.

Juveniles Gimnasia


Gimnasia se enfrentó con Estudiantes por la fecha 17 del Torneo de Juveniles. El clásico se tiñó de azul y blanco ya que los triperos sacaron 14 de 18 puntos. Las Categórias Mayores ganaron todo en Abasto mientras que las Menores quedaron invictos en City Bell.

El Lobo se comió al León por la décimoseptima fecha del Torneo de Juveniles. Fue una magnífica Jornada en donde los pibes quedaron invictos, sacaron 14 de 18 unidades y más el condimento que era el eterno rival. Las Mayores se hicieron fuertes en Estancia Chica ganando todos los partidos y en el Country, las Menores vencieron en una oportunidad y empataron dos. De esta manera Gimnasia suma 139 puntos en la tabla acumulada.

El esperado Clásico se vivió en Abasto con la Cuarta de Mariano Messera que controló absolutamente todo el partido ante el “Pincha” y goleó 3 a 0. De entrada pegó el Lobo con el gol de Nico “Chicho” Ferreira de palomita tras un centro de Daian García-una de las figuras de la jornada en Abasto-. Luego tras una gran recuperación de Reali, Ferreira tiró un centro perfecto y García conectó de cabeza para el 2 a 0. Todo se hizo más fácil cuando la visita se quedó con dos hombres menos por expulsiónes y para sentenciar el partido apareció otra vez García que definió sutilmente mano a mano con el arquero después de un enorme pase de Alegre, decretando así el 3 a 0 final.
Vale destacar que al término del partido expulsaron a otro jugador más blanquirrojo. De esta manera, los 1998 sumaron 27 puntos en el torneo, sumaron su sexto partido invicto y vienen con una confianza tremenda.

Más tarde, fue el turno de la Quinta de Martin Saggini que dió vuelta un partido complicado y ganó 2 a 1. El partido empezó con muchas idas y vueltas y el que convirtió primero fue el rival. El Lobo le costaba jugar y empatar por eso el técnico metió mano rápidamente en el equipo y en el complemento entró Jara por González. Después de unos minutos el “Mendo” Sabatini desbordo, tiró un centro pasado,la bajo Napolitano al medio y cabeceó el recientemente ingresado,Jara para empatar el partido.
Finalmente tras varios intentos, los albiazules lograron ponerse en ventaja: tiro libre de Napolitano, mala salida del arquero visitante y definió Correa de taco tras quedar la pelota boyando en el area. En esta categoría el Leon, también, se quedó con 2 hombres menos. Asi, la 1999 tripera sumó 23 unidades en el certamen e hicieron que sirva el punto que trajeron de San Juan.

Para cerrar la jornada estupenda en Abasto, salió a la cancha la Sexta de Rodrigo Roselli que ganó 1 a 0. El trámite del cotejo fue aburrido, friccionado y chato en el comienzo del primer tiempo. En el complemento se esperaba más del Lobo y así fue: corrida de Agustin Ramírez que entro en el área, el defensor lo sacó con un cuerpazo bruscamente, el arbitro no dudó y marcó penal. Desde los 12 pasos fue Matías Miranda-otro de gran partido en la jornada- que la clavó fuerte y cruzado para convertir el 1 a 0 final. En esta categoría nuevamente el rival se quedó con 9 jugadores. La 2000 tripera sumó 24 puntos en el campeonato y su cuarto partido invicto.

Por lo tanto, en el Country de City Bell, la Séptima de Pablo Romero salió al terreno de juego a primera hora. Este partido fue de varias emociones y finalmente salió 3 a 3 con un Lautaro “Joya” Chávez “on fire”.
En el primer tiempo la “Joya” convirtió de penal pero rápidamente el local empató y más tarde dió vuelta el marcador llendose 2 a 1 abajo el Lobo. En el segundo tiempo marcaron un nuevo penal y que Chávez no titubeó y empató el partido. A los 40’ Lautaro Chávez- claramente la figura de la fecha en el clasico- tras una gran contra de Gimnasia y apilando rivales en el camino, la clavó al ángulo, eufóricamente puso el 3 a 2 y marcó su hat-trick ni más ni menos que frente al “Pincha”. Cuando se pensaba que los de Romero se llevaban el triunfo, el local logró empatar tras una desatención en defensa y arruinó el festejo de los 2001 “mens sana”. Con este panorama, el basurero sumó 18 puntos en el torneo y se trajo un punto para Abasto.

Después, la Octava del “Coco” San Esteban se trajo un triunfazo por 2 a 1 de visiitante. El partido comenzó con un golazo de Dignani que luego el local logró empatar. Ya en en el segundo tiempo, el León se quedó con un hombre menos por la expulsión de su mediocampista. Tras ello,Dávalos marcó el 2 a 1 final e hizo que los 2002 albiazules festejarán el clásico ganado. Los triperos llegaron a los 21 unidades en el certamen y se traen 3 puntazos de oro para casa.

Finalmente, la que cerró la fecha fue la Novena de Andrés Ramos que empató 2 a 2 y trajo un buen punto de City Bell. El comienzo del cotejo fue a favor del local que se impuso rápidamente por 1 a 0. En el segunda parte Gimnasia logró empatar a través de Mamut pero más tarde los albirrojos se pusieron 2 a 1 arriba. Los triperos querían empatar y lo consiguieron con un gol de Ivo Mammini. Con este resultado los 2003 sumaron 22 puntos en el campeonato.

Ahora, los Juveniles “mens sana” tienen pocos días de descanso ya que el miércoles se jugará la fecha 15-suspendida anteriormente por condiciones climáticas- ante Quilmes y deberán enfocarse rápidamente en este partido. Las Categorías menores serán locales en Estancia Chica mientras que las Mayores visitarán al Cervecero.

Futbol Femenino Racing


Las chicas no paran de conseguir triunfos que engrandecen no solo la moral propia sino la ilusión que conlleva a pensar en una gran temporada. 

La Academia se sigue preparando día a día para volver oficialmente a las canchas, ya con varios partidos en su espalda, el equipo femenino lleva un invicto que, a motivo de garra, pasión y buen futbol, parece ser interminable. Luego del exitoso viaje a Pilar, donde fue victoria de las chicas de celeste y blanco tanto en la Primera (6-0), como la Reserva (11-0), tocó en esta grilla de amistosos de pretemporada, enfrentarse a Liverpool de Alejandro Korn. 

Caía la noche en Villa Modelo y la victoria, otra vez, se quedaba en Avellaneda. F. Romero, L. Martínez y M. Ayala fueron las ¨culpables¨ del apabullante 9-0 con que el conjunto dirigido por Antonio Spinelli goleo a su par de Korn. Como no podía ser menos, la jornada se coronó con la victoria también de un combinado de la sub 14 y la sub 16 en su debut defendiendo a la Academia. 

El futbol femenino sigue creciendo en donde sus raíces nacieron, el predio Tita Mattiussi, partido a partido,entrenamiento a entrenamiento, para un equipo que se prepara para la competición oficial y mostrar que, dea poco, se va volviendo a armar el sueño que en pocas fechas intentara dejar a Racing en lo mas alto.

River ganó en Paraguay ante Guaraní y dio un paso firme para pasar de fase

Por los octavos de final de la Copa Libertadores, River venció en Asución, Paraguay, 2 a 0 a Guaraní en el partido de ida. De esta manera el Millonario dio un paso frime de cara a la clacificación.

Los goles del cojunto que dirige Marcelo Gallardo fueron obra de Ignacio Scocco (en su debut, luego de llegar de Newell’s) y Marcelo Larrondo.

Cambaceres jugará a suerte o verdad

Luego de conseguir la milagrosa y ansiada chance de jugar un desempate, Cambaceres enfrentará mañana a partir de las 14 a Argentino de Merlo. Con arbitraje de Cristian Suárez, el Rojo de Ensenada viajará a Morón para disputar el partido en el estadio Nuevo Francisco Urbano.

Por su parte, Ricardo Kuzemka, entrenador de Cambaceres, plantearía una formación similar a la que venció a Laferrere, 1 a 0, en la última fecha.

Cabe recordar que en caso de haber empate en los 90 minutos, se disputará un alargue de dos tiempos suplementarios de 15 y, en caso de persistir, se definirá en penales.


Foto: Diario Hoy.

Sigue la incertidumbre por el futuro de Fabián Rinaudo


El volante de Gimnasia, Fabián Rinaudo se encuentra de vacaciones en Amstrong, su lugar natal. Pero, tanto en La Plata como en Avellaneda se disputan a ver cuál será el próximo destino del jugador.

En definitiva, luego del préstamo que ligó al futbolista con Gimnasia,  quedó en libertad de acción ya que no pertenece más al club de origen que lo cedió, el Catania de Italia.

Por el momento no hay precisiones respecto de dónde jugará Fito, como se lo apoda al jugador, pero sí suposiciones. Semanas atrás el presidente de Racing, Víctor Blanco, expresó que estaban avanzadas las gestiones con el jugador.

Gustavo Matosas dirigió la práctica y hubo una cara nueva

En su quinto día de trabajo, el flamante nuevo entrenador de Estudiantes, Gustavo Matosas, encabezó otra práctica en donde se lo notó muy enchufado y enfático en la dirección del entrenamiento.

Por su parte, estuvo presente la cara nueva del equipo, Gastón Campi. Este jugador (defensor), proveniente de Atlético Rafaela (su pase pertenecía a Racing) realizó su primera práctica en el Pincha.